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PCOS Formularies is a product created by Caitlin Johnson. She is a functional medicine dietitian who is trained in women's herbalism. 

At a young age Caitlin was diagnosed with PCOS and handed prescriptions and left the doctor appointment with the phrase "come back when you are ready to get pregnant" ringing in her ears. 

What Caitlin realized was her health was important now even though she wasn't trying to get pregnant. Struggling with low self esteem, recent 30 pound weight gain, acne, and hirsutism- Caitlin started a journey to learn more. 

After receiving a formal education in biology and nutrition and becoming a dietitian she realized there were still major gaps in the treatment of her PCOS. 

That's when she started doing the research about supplements, herbs, lifestyle and all the other tools available to help her manage her PCOS.

She started treating women with PCOS and has helped thousands of family's achieve their dream of pregnancy. Now she is on a mission to change the statistic her doctor shared with her at her diagnosis appointment: PCOS is the number one reason in America women can't have babies. 

You are important whether you are trying to conceive or not. Our supplement line is built to meet your body where it is at, to provide support and help you thrive with PCOS.